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Welcome to my Spring newsletter! Spring is all about new life and fresh starts. Read on to find out about the element which relates to the season of spring and how it can manifest within you.


By Christina Rossetti

Frost-locked all the winter,

Seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits,

What shall make their sap ascend

That they may put forth shoots?

Tips of tender green,

Leaf, or blade, or sheath;

Telling of the hidden life

That breaks forth underneath,

Life nursed in its grave by Death.

The Season of the Wood Element

We are now in the season of Spring. It is my absolute favourite time of year as we begin to notice those green shoots of life all around us after the quiet stillness of the winter months. I am well and truly ready for some longer, warmer days.

In the Five Element tradition, Spring is the season of the Wood element. The spring is a time of action, the season to plant the seeds and prepare the way to ensure that you have a good harvest in late summer.

The power of the Wood element is birth and re-birth. It gives us the ability to be re-born every morning and face the day with a fresh body and mind. Within the Wood element, the Liver and Gallbladder are responsible for helping us move forward through life with clarity and direction. They help us to make the decisions that sow the seeds for our future, they also give us the flexibility to adapt and change our plan if needed. The Wood element offers us the creativity and resilience we see around us in nature this season.

The Wood Element Within You

What is happening outside should also be happening within us. We respond to the change of season as much as anything else in nature.

How are you responding to spring this year? Are you feeling the growth within yourself? If you struggle with making decisions or feel stuck, it could be a sign that the Wood element within you is out of balance. This can also lead to feelings of frustration, irritation and anger.

Spring can be a great time to make a change or to address anything that is holding you back from moving forward with your plan.

An acupuncture appointment at this time can help support the balance of the elements within you to ensure you move smoothly through life, especially if it has been a little while since your last session.

Including a seasonal acupuncture treatment into your wellness routine can be a great way to maintain a healthy mind and body.

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