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5 Podcasts discussing Five Element Acupuncture

I thought I'd share some great podcasts which discuss Five Element acupuncture for anyone who is curious, wants to know more, or who just loves podcasts (I'm an addict)!

1. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day - How to Fail miniseries: Ross Barr. Ross is a London based practitioner with a huge following and lots of well known patients. He also comes across as such a nice guy. I love this series anyway so having an episode about acupuncture was just a bonus!

2. Happy Place: Gerad Kite. Another podcast series I love. Fearne is a great host and Gerad is such a guru when it comes to Five Element Acupuncture. He also trained me so I have extra love and respect for him and his ability to help people understand the practice. Definitely worth a listen!

3. Kitchen Club - Acupuncture for the Modern Mind with The Element Project. Georgie and Grace from The Elements Project do such a great job of talking in a relatable way about acupuncture. They happen to be friends of mine but this recommendation is unbiased. Their mission is to support mental health amongst young people. They are also fabulous and loads of fun!

4. Let's talk Fertility with Izzy Judd - Ep9 Gerad Kite. So I have included another one with Gerad because this is specifically on the topic of fertility, which is an area he is known for but also that lots of people are looking for support with. If that is you, give this a listen.

5. Fertility Foundations with Sandra Greenbank - Acupuncture for Fertility. Sandra is a fertility nutritionist and her guest for this episode is Claire DaBreo, a London based Five Element practitioner. Another great listen for anyone interested in knowing more about how acupuncture can support your fertility.

I hope you find this helpful and enjoy listening. Let me know your favourite!

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