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The Earth element and the season of late summer

September 8, 2017

There is a real sense of change at this time of year, the new school year begins and we notice the days begin to shorten, however we are yet to enter autumn. This is the season of late summer and we associate it with the Earth element. The qualities of the Earth element reflect the season, with the notion of ripening and harvesting and taking in all the nourishing fruits offered to us by nature. Earth gives us the ability to feel satisfied and nourish ourselves with the goodness we take in, both in the form of food, but also in how we experience the world. It is the mother, responsible for taking care of ourself and others. 


The Earth element governs digestion and distribution, both of food and also on a mental level, of thoughts and ideas. When our Earth element is in balance we are able to process ideas, thoughts and experiences and harvest the best of them to move forward with. However, we can also struggle with this, finding it hard to process a thought or feeling, churning over them and getting overwhelmed. 

When we are in balance, the Earth element allows us to feel secure, cared for and grounded because we know we are getting enough nourishment. We are able to seek support from others without becoming 'needy'. 


At this time of year, the climate is still warm and sometimes humid but the real heat of summer has gone, along with that sense of being 'on holiday'. We are now looking ahead to the autumn and winter, gathering the crops and enjoying the abundance of nature. Even in a relatively mild climate in the UK, we are aware of this change.

I really love this time of year and it is a great time to reflect on the carefree summer days we may have enjoyed before we have to think about the colder days ahead.



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