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Acupuncture for pain management & energy - Patient View:


I’m James, AKA “The Cannon” and I’m a personal trainer based in Hitchin. I had only ever had acupuncture as part of physio but was open to giving it a try.


Being a personal trainer can be a demanding job, it requires energy as well as physical strength, to ensure every client gets the best experience, and of course aches and muscle pains are part of the job. It’s also a client facing job, so if I lack energy or am suffering from tiredness, my clients don’t get me at my best. If I’m motivated and energised, they are more likely to be the same, and smash their training session!


I started having acupuncture with Emma to help with persistent back pain, but after my first treatment, as well as helping with the pain, I found that it had other benefits too. I work irregular hours and have been known to have the odd late night - which can affect my sleep, and the acupuncture treatment has had an impact on this. I found I slept well without waking up for the first time in ages, and woke up in the morning with loads of energy.


If you have an active lifestyle or a physically demanding job, or if you want more energy to help stay on top of your own physical fitness, acupuncture might be worth a try to see if it can help. From my own experience and in my role as a personal trainer, I’d suggest trying five-element acupuncture. Anything that can help keep you active and functioning well is a good thing.

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