Clinic Locations:

Leaf Health, 47 Bancroft, Hitchin, Herts

Harmony, 103C Bancroft, Hitchin, Herts


Facial Enhancement Cosmetic Acupuncture

I am fully trained in Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and a member of Cosmetic Acupuncture UK (CAUK). Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is a cosmetic acupuncture treatment which uses acupuncture points on the face to stimulate the body's natural production of collagen and improve the appearance of lines, imperfections, scars and puffiness.

The effects are natural, subtle and long lasting and can be seen after 6-10 treatments although some improvement may be seen more immediately. 

In addition to the face, points on the body are also used to calm the mind and bring on a relaxed state during treatment as well as leaving you with an ongoing sense of wellbeing.